Paul Kellogg's Garden Center

Paul Kellogg's Garden Center


If you want great looking plants at affordable prices, then Paul Kellogg's Garden Center is the place for you. We may be a local business, but our customers come from far and wide to our Hamlin location to see the latest arrivals to our nursery.


We would like to say that we have a specific type of customer, but the truth is that our clients come from all different background and with all sorts of projects in mind. Some are building a new garden walkway, others are looking for that perfect decorative item, and a few just need a truckload of mulch. While our customers are very different, our approach is always the same - communicate with the client to find out what they need, offer the value of our experience, and come up with the best possible solution. Our main areas of business are as follows:

  • Plants and flowers
  • Decor product sales
  • Landscaping services

Because of the wide variety of clients, we deal with many different situations. As such, what we bring to the table (or the garden) is a vast experience in working with many different types of plants, landscape scenarios, decorating styles, and an overall comprehensive knowledge about gardens, outdoor decorating, and constructing a beautiful garden space.


At Paul Kellogg's Garden Center, what separates us from our competition is the fact that we understand the needs of our local Hamlin customers and strive to fulfill those needs in everything we do. Our system works and the evidence is in the repeat customers that come back year after year. Here's a few examples of what we do differently:

  • Client Relations: It's one thing to sell plants and flowers, but it's quite another thing to listen attentively to what customers want and find the exact products they'll be happy with years from now. First and foremost, we believe in open lines of dialogue and interacting as neighbors rather than a typical seller-buyer relationship. If we don't think a product fits your situation, we'll be the first to say so, even if that means losing a sale.

  • Competitive Costs: As a true Hamlin community resource, our aim is to sell quality garden and landscaping products at a fair price and profit, pure and simple. There's no price gouging, upselling, or high-pressure tactics employed at our nursery and you can be sure that the price you pay is an accurate reflection on our work of product sourcing, delivery, and storage

  • Product Quality: After years in the industry, we've come to appreciate true product quality. That's why all of our plants and flowers are bred to be resistant to the elements and able to withstand the transition to their new home. Nothing is worse than buying an expensive plant at a nursery only to have it wither away just a few short weeks later. You won't find struggling plants and flowers at our garden center - only the best and strongest will do.

  • Gardening Wisdom: While we're obviously in the business of selling plants, flowers, decorative items, and landscaping materials, the best thing we have to offer our customers is experience. Because we've worked with these items for years, we're well aware of both the advantages and disadvantages and can assist a homeowner in finding exactly what's needed for their individual project.
    Tired of dealing with nurseries that operate more like a department store than a local neighborhood shop? Then come to Paul Kellogg's Garden Center, where the difference will be night and day. We'll work hard to earn your business and the information we provide is always free.

If you've had enough of subpar landscaping companies, then it's high time to experience the Paul Kellogg's Garden Center difference. Contact us today and we'll set up a convenient time to visit your property, give you our advice, and present an honest quote for the services we think will improve your outdoor space.

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